HISTORYThe Chronology of KL Tower Construction : 1st Phase, 4th October 1991Widening of Jalan Punchak and excavations of soil from construction site.Finished: 15th August 1992 2nd Phase, 6th July 1992Construction of the foundation and basement of tower50,000 cubic metres of concrete were endless poured for 31 hours hence setting a record in the Malaysian construction industry.Finished: 15th April 1993 (without pilling) 3rd Phase/ \'superstructure\', began in May 1994The dreary construction of the tower starts with erection of the tower shaft, then the tower head.As the ultimate touches to the tower head were being done, the construction of the tourist building began.Introduce Islamic motif to reflect Malaysia\'s Islamic Heritage, and blended eastern design with western architectural technologyMain Lobby : decorated with lovely glass-clad domes that glint like huge diamond.These domes were designed and arranged in the form of the \'Muqarnas\' by Iranian craftsmen from Esfahan Final Touch, 13th September 1994Topping up Ceremony where the Antenna Mast was installed by YAB Dato\' Seri Dr Mahathir MohamadMarking the final height of tower, 421 above ground level.Installation of the facilities and amenities executed to ensure comfort and safety. Completion of The TowerOpened to public on 23rd July 1996.Officially launched by the Malaysian 4th Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia on 1st October 1996.

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