The KL Tower Facade Lighting exercise involves the lighting up of the whole tower, from the ground floor to the top of the antenna mast, with LED lights. Through this exercise we will be able to save 60% of power consumption as compared with the conventional facade lighting.KL Tower has installed 80 LED lights for the tower shaft, 160 lights for the tower head and 12 LED lights for the antenna mast. The LED light fitting system exercise was the biggest challenge as no one in the world has been able to provide a complete solution for a concrete tower with a height of 400 metres and above.The tower lights can be seen as far as 10 km away while the lights at the tower head can even be seen from Genting Highland. For reservations and further information, please contact: Eiw Lian: +6013-398 3936 Natasha : +6013 381 0900

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